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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Kieran and Chris from Ashen Crown

Before their performance on the New Blood Stage on the Friday at Bloodstock, we had a quick chat with drummer Chris and vocalist Kieran about their rise through the ranks of the Metal 2 the Masses and what makes Bloodstock special. Read on for the full transcription…

(c) Will Tudor Photography

What was your reaction to winning the Metal 2 The Masses?

Chris: We were stunned really. We’ve only been together since late December and to win something like that was surreal almost. When the announcement came we were absolutely stunned. We’re still stunned now. We honestly can’t believe how lucky we are.

Have you both been to Bloodstock before?

Kieran: I’ve been coming for about 5 or 6 years now. I remember last year saying “Man, I’d love to play this festival”. And now we are! I guess I should wish for more things!

C: I remember it at the Assembly Rooms. Showing my age there!

What do you think has led the festival to sell out this year?

C: I think it’s a fan based festival and that’s key to it. It doesn’t really matter what bands are on, it’s down to the fans as they are the ones that make the festival. I also think it’s word of mouth and people bringing people down and them having a good time which has led to it selling out.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

C: Macabre!

K: Bossk for me mainly. Our guitarist is really looking forward to Megadeth on the Sunday but I’m personally going to be spending a lot of time at the New Blood tent. There’s so many great bands playing that stage this year.

What advice would you give to new bands?

K: Stick to what you’re good at and enjoy it. If you’re doing M2tM, take on the advice from the judges as they know exactly what Bloodstock is looking for.

C: Exactly. Stick to your guns, unless you’re crap! But you should know you’re crap anyway.

Describe the band in three words.

K&C: Ecclectic, energetic and brutal.

Photos by Will Tudor Photography

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