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Interview: Jarrod Medwin of Massive



Australian rockers Massive are gearing up to release their 2nd album, Destination Somewhere. Drummer, Jarrod Medwin put down his sticks for a bit of time to answer a few questions regarding the new album and any upcoming plans the band has.

Thanks to Kirsten at Cosa Nostra for organising and Jarrod for taking the time to answer my questions.

You guys are gearing up to release your new album, Destination Somewhere. What’s the response been like to the single that you’ve released?

We’ve had a great response from the first single ‘One for the Road’ so far. It’s the opening track off the record and it kind of takes off from where we left with Full Throttle. Just a no bullshit, pumping rock n roll song. It was the first bit of music that our (not so) new guitarist Brendan Forward brought in when he joined the band too so it’s fitting that it opens the new album.

Compared to the previous release, how different would you say this new material is?

I would say that there are definitely some new sounds in there that people might not expect. Some really heavy drop-D stuff, some slide guitar. There’s even an acoustic guitar in one song… I know, crazy right?!
But then there’s still the classic hard rockin’, big chorus, party rock n roll songs that have kinda become our signature sound. So I think it’s a nice mix of familiarity and new sounds…

Was the process behind the recording/production of this new album any different to the previous?

Recording wise it was very similar to Full Throttle. We aren’t one of those bands who spent months and months in the studio working on a new record. We get in there and work hard and get it down. There’s not a lot of experimentation going on. We basically want the record to sound like what we sound like live. I think from memory we spent about 15 days or so tracking, a couple of days mixing and that’s it.

Have you guys got any plans for tours surrounding the release of this album? 

Hell yeah! That’s really ALL we have planned at this stage. After the album comes out we are heading out with The Screaming Jets for a national tour in May, then shortly after that we’re off to Europe for the rest of the year and who knows how long after that.

What’s the sort of gear that you guys use?

I use Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals. Aidan ‘2doggs’ McGarrigle uses a Fender P-bass and Orange bass rig. Brad has a couple of Gibson SG’s which I’m amazed are still actually working after all the abuse he puts them through every night, with a Peavey JSX amp. And Mr Brendan Forward is currently running a Mesa/Boogie dual rectifier and his black Les Paul..  Needless to say we’re a pretty fucking loud live act. I’ve never heard a sound guy tell any of us to turn up!

What inspired you guys to start playing music?

For me it was probably my dad, he was a drummer in the 70’s and had a beautiful pink Tama Imperial Star double bass drum kit set up in the house when I was growing up. He also had an equally impressive record collection. Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, CCR, Slade, Deep Purple, etc. So I was never not going to grow up wanting to play rock music… It was inevitable.
I met Brad in high school when we were about 15 and it’s all we’ve wanted to do since!

If you had to pick 2 or 3 other bands to tour with, whom would you pick?

I’d have to say the new, old, almost original GnR Line up with Slash and Duff back would be awesome. They’re probably the band we get compared to the most. Aerosmith would be amazing too! Maybe we could get a Triple bill going with all of us. 3 generations of dirty, sleazy, bluesy in ya face rock!

And finally, what advice would you give to a band that is just starting out on the scene? 

The most important piece of advice, do not stop. Do not give up. If you love it and you want it. Just fucking keep going, keep working at it. Work at your craft, your songwriting, your chops on your instrument, your live performance.  Aim to be the biggest band in the world! Otherwise what’s the point?

And also, don’t be a dickhead. No one wants to book or work with a band they think are a bunch of knobs. Be humble to everyone you meet.  And that’s about it really….

Massive: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Destination Somewhere is released on April 22nd via Earache Records. You can watch the first single: “One for The Road” below.

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