The Boyscout – “Old Bon Jovi Song”, a tribute to a hero – and a statement in support of the disabled in the music industry

Manuel, “The Boyscout”, tells us all about his new single, and the story behind it…

“Old Bon Jovi Song” is not just a song; it is a song from a lifelong fan to his hero! Jon Bon Jovi was everything I wanted to be for the last 40 years.

Bon Jovi is celebrating their 40th anniversary. The Boyscout is celebrating his 20th anniversary!

This song is the most personal song I have ever written! This is a direct “thank you” to one of the best singers, one of the best songwriters, and one of the best performers the rock ‘n’ roll world has ever seen!

I was born in Yugoslavia, a land that doesn’t exist any more, and moved to Germany, a land that didn’t want me. I was lost! At a time when my friends were having the time of their life, I had to watch my father slowly die of lung cancer.

But there was the radio! Each day and each night, I was listening to the newest songs and bands, and for some few moments, I was dreaming to be someone else, somewhere else…

I was eleven, going onto twelve when I heard the DJ say that there is a new band from New Jersey. Five guys, five friends who were playing the hit song that would change my life! And the song was “Runaway”…

40 years later, over 100 million albums sold and over 2000 live shows, Bon Jovi are at the peak of their career as part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and I decided to say thank you!

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My name is Manuel Mijalkovski, and I’ve been making rock music since 2004 as The Boyscout, and since 2018 as Red Partizan, I’ve been trying my hand at metal.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an incurable pain disease that causes me to live with the highest level of pain in every fibre of my body 24/7. Only strong medicine makes me able to get up and lead a “normal” life.

Then, in 2016, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and suddenly, I was confronted with death, 14 days before my 44th birthday, the age at which my father died of cancer. I was released as “cured”, but what does that mean?

You will never get rid of the physical and mental traumata.

That’s why the album The Best Time Of My Life is so important to me. None of us knows how much time he has left in this world. And when you’re marked like me, it can go faster than you think. I wanted to leave something in this world. I wanted my music, my work, my dreams, and my thoughts that I recorded in my songs to still be heard long after I’ve left this world. I want every person with an illness who reads these lines to be inspired and never lose the strength to look ahead and never give up.

I’ve fallen so many times, but I’ve always gotten up. One day, this will no longer be the case.

Here is my appeal:

To all radio stations, all promoters, all labels, all musicians, and all people who love music the way I do it.

Give disabled people in this industry a chance.

Don’t rob them of their last hope of not being booked because they are (perhaps) restricted. If the musicians dare, then give them the chance. Put their music on the radio to inspire those with lost faith. Make them feel like they are one of us, even if they have a disability.

We always preach that music fans stick together, so please just show it.


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Header photo by Alex Kuehr

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