Full live performance video: Seawalker – “Live at Mister Rock”

The Minas Gerais-based outfit prepares to play at the “Camping Rock Festival” in their state and continue writing the followup to Overcome.

The Brazilian heavy/thrash metal band Seawalker, which is currently in the process of composing its third album, the successor to Overcome (2023), released the live video “Live at Mister Rock”, recorded in August 26, 2022 at the renowned music venue in Belo Horizonte (MG). The material contains six tracks, with 36 minutes of the purest new generation Minas Gerais metal.

“There are five tracks from the album Overcome and one track from the debut, Earthcode. There is no forecast for a physical release, but the audio from this show should also be available on digital platforms soon”, reveals vocalist and bassist Filipe Duarte.

Check out the video below.

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In addition to preparing the compositions for the new album, Seawalker continues to play shows and will perform on May 30th, at 9pm, at the Camping Rock festival in Minas Gerais, with a cast that will feature Loss (MG) and Azul Limão (RJ), among others. “In parallel to the composition process that I am immersed in together with guitarists Léo Vieira and Marcus Batista, we are preparing a big show for Camping Rock. As it will be our second time at this festival, we have an obligation to surpass the first performance. And I don’t have doubts that this objective will be achieved”, concluded Filipe Duarte.

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