Wage War announce new album, first single / video streaming now

Wage War have entered their world domination era. Today, the Florida band has announced its fifth album Stigma. It arrives digitally on 21st June 2024 via Fearless Records, while the physical version will land in stores on 6th September 2024. Pre-orders are available now.

New single “Nail5” (stream the video below) comes in hot with subtle synths, cool and unexpected vocal tricks, chunky, industrial-inspired riffs, and undeniable ferocity. “Nail5” is erected on a groove that will have you nodding your head. Wage War continue to experiment with their sound, and fans and new listeners will be happy to ride sidecar as the band takes thrilling and unpredictable sonic twists and turns.

“Nail5” is a tribute to our fifth album and continuing to push the envelope in every way, and in this instance, the heavy side. We took the elements that we loved from our past discography and turned it all the way up. The message: You’re either in or you’re in the way.

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