The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara release “Mysterium Tremendum” with 2D/3D animated video

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) are proud to present their brand new single and video for “Mysterium Tremendum”‘. Written and recorded between December 2022 and October 2023, the new track merges metal and classical music, and contains section sections with classical piano and a full orchestra.

Andrea Papi on the new song:

I would describe “Mysterium Tremendum” as being “Opera Metal”. It contains musical and lyrical elements that gives the work a perfect combination of ‘heaviness’ that is both melancholic and brutal.

Daphne Ang, commenting on the orchestral sections of the new song:

The song contains a large section with a full orchestra, which took a long time to compose and arrange. It was a real challenge, but it was mostly a rewarding experience, as we made it purely a TCOMAS effort.

The song explores the concept of ‘mysterium tremendum et fascinans’. I came across this concept in Das Heilige (The Idea of the Holy), a book by Rudolf Otto. It is the raw, enduring, and barbaric pain that pierces deep into the soul, which may then develop into something pure, beautiful and glorious. It is the totality of the highest and lowest points of our existence.

Accompanying the new single, the duo have also delivered an animated music video for “Mysterium Tremendum”, created under their video and visual production arm, TCOMAS Studio. Set in warring Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe, the video combines traditional 2D and 3D animation with AI video technology to recreate the life story and journey of the anti-hero’s experience of the ‘mysterium tremendum’.

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The new single and video provides a first glimpse into the pair’s return, arriving after two frenzied years of activity during which the duo dropped two full-length albums. Described to be one of “the most important British-based bands of the decade” (Ever Metal), their pioneering performance of poetry in heavy music has become a form of expression that has become synonymous with TCOMAS. Their debut album, Full Spectrum (released February 26, 2021), captured the imaginations of new listeners with their blend of electronic, rock, metal and poetry performance, most notably “Love in the Time of Pestilence”, which graced several official Spotify playlists (Alternative Metal, Progressive Metal). In their sophomore album, Trust No Leaders (released July 1, 2022), the duo further refined their niche and innovation – “Heavy Metal fused with literature, poetry, and art” (FemMetal). Dubbed by TUTV! as “architects in sound and vision” for their visual inventiveness. Their music videos have been screened globally at numerous international film festivals, receiving 52 official selections and nominations to date, most notably the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival, Xposure International Photography & Film Festival, and the Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival.

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“Mysterium Tremendum” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms via Symphonic.

Header image: TCOMAS Studio

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