Thrash music video deemed to be of “cultural importance” by Paraguayan government

Kuazar’s track “Machete Che Pope” is featured on their second full length album, Hybrid Power.

On October 25th, the Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies approved a bill declaring the music video for “Machete Che Pope (Acosta Ñu)”, recently released by the band Kuazar, of “cultural interest”. According to the newspaper Crónica, “this is an important achievement for the national metal scene, whose ‘leader’ is the group born in Alto Paraná.”

According to the band’s lead singer, Josema Gonzalez, in an interview with Brazilian website Roadie Crew, “the battle of Acosta Ñu (battle of Campo Grande) was one of the bloodiest, most violent and saddest moments of the war of the Triple Alliance (Paraguay War) . It was where children were killed and burned alive, along with the women and the few men left there.”

The video for “Machete Che Pope”, a track from the second studio album, “Hybrid Power”, was recorded in this same church, today a historic site for the country. The clip also shows two children walking through the church, to symbolize the children who died during this battle. This representation of children together with the choice of location caused the band to be labeled “satanists” by several newspapers in an episode that certainly became a topic of national conversation.

Gonzalez extended many thanks to Congresswoman Alexandra Zena, who promoted the project: “We are very surprised and happy with the reach of this song. Receiving this recognition is truly incredible for us. We love that they took it for what it is, as an audiovisual work that tries to rescue the heroic memory of our country.”

Lately Kuazar has been having a huge impact on the Paraguayan music scene. Apart from all the controversy that was generated with their music video (which became a newspaper article throughout the country), they played at the Pilsen Reciclarte festival, one of the biggest festivals in Paraguay, mostly known for attracting pop and rock musicians from all over Latin America. Apart from Kuazar, some other attractions at this year’s edition were the Uruguayan rock band No Te Va Gustar, the Mexican alternative rock group Cafe Tacvba and the Argentine quintet Airbag.

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Text translated from Roadie Crew

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