Mayem unveil live album “Daemonic Rites”

Mayem, the iconic pioneers of Norwegian black metal, are set to unleash their monumental live album titled Daemonic Rites on September 15th 2023, via Century Media Records. Capturing the raw energy and intensity of their worldwide performances from the past 2 years, the album promises to be a thrilling sonic journey for fans and a testament to the band’s unparalleled live prowess.

To celebrate this announcement, the band is thrilled to share a first taste of the live album with their brand-new single, Malum (Live 2022). This blistering track encapsulates the intensity and ferocity that Mayem brings to their live performances. Alongside the single, fans will also be treated to a visually captivating music video recorded during their latest New York concert, produced in collaboration with renowned director Zev Deans.

Stream their new single now

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Necrobutcher comments:

We wanted to document how great the band and set sounds like after almost 40 years of playing live. As a treat to our fans, we decided to release this live recording.

I knew from day one back in 1984 that this band was going to be outstanding—one of the best bands ever! I guess that‘s a big reason why we still are here after 39 years—and counting.

Daemonic Rites marks the culmination of the Daemon era, which commenced in 2019 with the release of their critically acclaimed studio album Daemon. The journey continued with the savage EP Atavistic Black Disorder in 2021, leaving audiences hungry for more.

This long player serves as the ultimate chapter-closer for this landmark.

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