Video Roundup: Onslaught / Cavalera / X-Empire / Balrogath / Imperium / Aftermath

Another in our irregular series of “you’ve got to see this” sextets. Get your eyes and ears around these new videos!


In celebration of their 40th anniversary last year, British thrash metal pioneers Onslaught reissued their latest three studio albums Sounds Of Violence (2011), VI (2013) and Generation Antichrist (2020) as red 180 gram Vinyl editions in gatefold sleeve and a special anniversary edition of Sounds Of Violence as a 2-CD digipak including a bonus CD. A brand new music video for one of the colossal title tracks, “Generation Antichrist”, is now available to watch.

It’s cool to hear the sonic assault of the title track from the last Onslaught studio album, Generation Antichrist, hitched up to the energetic visuals of the headline show that we put on for the UK’s Bloodstock Festival. It keys things off nicely for a new level of total aggression we’ve got planned for you all coming real soon…watch this space!


Metal legends Cavalera have re-recorded Sepultura’s first EP Bestial Devastation and first full-length album Morbid Visions. They which will be released on July 14th via Nuclear Blast Records.

They just released the lyric video for the second single, “Bestial Devastation”.

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Brazilian band X-Empire have launched their brand new music video for “Let It Die (Acoustic)”, featuring a guest appearance by the British singer Chris Clancy from the American band Mutiny Within.


Balrogath presents “Calamity”, a ripping new song to go along with their debut music video.

“Calamity” tells the tale of the band’s behind the scenes life, showcasing a deep love of role playing games and all related entertainment. The band plays a challenging game and meets their untimely doom in a total party killing DM paradise of a final battle masterminded by the magical Joel Peterson. Watching this video is sure to warm the hearts of any adventurer or tabletop gaming fans alike.

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The day has finally come for the Imperium fleet to set sail! The British metallers new single and accompanying video, “Iron Thunder” has been released! A blazing broadside of thundering drums, ironclad riffs and vocals like a call to arms combine to make “Iron Thunder” one of the most complete metal singles of the year to date. The video was filmed by Ben Crawford of KickBack Studio UK, with Alex Hall.


Aftermath released their highly anticipated new album, No Time to Waste via Zoid Entertainment/TLG/INgrooves on March 17, 2023. This marks the third album in a trilogy, and is a departure from the previous dark, concept album installment in the trilogy. Today you can check out the new video for “SLAVeABLE” from the album.

We are really proud of this album. It completes a trilogy of albums that began with our debut. Written in the darkest period in modern history, we actually wrote this one as an album of hope. We streamlined it from our previous dark concept record. The ten songs on this album are heavy and energized. It’s a metal record with a message and that message is we can do this together but we have no time to waste.

– Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis.

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