Video Roundup: Craving / SaffeK / Oxblood Forge / Gamerra / Stygian Fair / RXPTRS

Summer is here, though you’d not believe it given the rain we’ve had over the last couple of days… Brighten up your ear and eye holes with this selection of new videos!


Following the release of their much-acclaimed, latest album Call Of The Sirens (released in May via Massacre Records), German epic metal trio Craving has premiered a new music video for the colossal album opening track “Mich packt die Wut”!

Craving singer and guitarist Ivan Chertov reveals:

This composition pertains to uncontrolled anger. During my childhood in Russia in the post-Soviet era, I encountered various challenges. These struggles, coupled with my difficulty in managing my emotions, particularly anger, added to my distress. With time, I discovered that my experience resonated with men suffering from borderline disorder, who often experience severe and recurrent outbursts of rage throughout their lives.

The lyrics of Mich Packt die Wut (Engl:”I am seized with rage”) describe these moments of intense anger. The line:

“Lass mich in Ruh, bis ich mich besser /Mich packt die Wut – meine Seele wird zum Messer” (“Leave me alone until I feel better/I am seized with rage – my soul becomes a knife”) suggests the protagonist may become violent and act out in a blind rage if provoked.


Israeli alternative hard rock band SaffeK have released their new single “Loud” from the band’s upcoming album. The release was recorded/mixed by Yonatan Kossov, and mastered by Robin Schmidt. The video was directed, filmed and edited by Arik Eicher.

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Oxblood Forge

Doom-tinged trad metal band Oxblood Forge has released a lyric video for “Mask of Satan”, the closing track from forthcoming EP Cult of Oblivion (pre-orders available now).

Oxblood Forge is set to release their newest burnt offering, Cult Of Oblivion. The EP builds on the metal path forged by the band’s previous release, Decimator, and brings forth a darker and heavier sound than their previous releases.


Louisiana’s Gamerra is a good-time thrash band seeking the ultimate jam. Mixing in spicy doses of death metal and progressive metal, producing a sound akin to a fusion of Exodus and Death with the intense vocal patterns and delivery of Warbringer, the aggressive and experimental leanings of Revocation, the ferocious rhythm guitar tone of early Meshuggah, and the attitude and fun-loving vibes of Havok, all played in the spirit of old school Sepultura. These influences are honored in their latest album Tedium, which is their fifth release. They comment on the release:

We’re really pumped to finally get this material out to the public and very relieved that it came out better than we hoped. We’ve had the songs demoed out for about a year and we got the art done for it way in advance. We hope everyone enjoys it. It’s a culmination of negative energy funneled into something productive. This in our eyes, created thrash which transcends the limitations of its subgenre. Our hope is that it will make people look at thrash in a new light.

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Stygian Fair

Sweden’s Stygian Fair will be releasing its new album entitled Aradia this coming August via Rockshots Records. Featuring 10 tracks of assorted AOR melodic metal, this album will touch and transport listeners to a place where melodies, words, and musicianship become emotion and images.

“Aradia” is based upon a 20-year-old riff and it’s great that it finally evolved into a full song. Now it’s really a band effort with all members participating with their individual expression. We think “Aradia” conveys the urgency and mood of a clandestine coven, worshipping the many deities of Mother Nature. With all that’s going on with the climate a greater respect for Her is definitely called for.


Bristol, UK-based band RXPTRS – who blend rock, metal, punk, and hardcore with a seamlessness that is enviable, creating something that is unique that seethes with boundless energy – have loosed a brand new single. The track, “The World On My Tongue”, is a high energy new track that is streaming everywhere now.

“The World On My Tongue” sheds light on vocalist Simon Roach’s personal struggles. When asked for comment, Roach offered:

This song is a look back at a very self-destructive time in my life. I was living at 100 mph but going nowhere. I was in a hole where I felt like I had no direction and was at a dead end. Me and my friends lived in a house and we were hellbent on destroying ourselves and each other. Coming out of that the other end and looking back this song feels like an exorcism.

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