Video Roundup: Dropkick Murphys / North Atlas / The Damn Truth / Sour Brandy / 3Teeth / Extreme

We’ve not done one of these in ages because everything has been mental busy. So, after weeks and weeks here’s a half dozen videos for you to feast your eyes over!

Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys’ video for “Bring It Home” – from their new album Okemah Rising, released May 12 via the band’s Dummy Luck Music / [PIAS] – premieres today via the band’s YouTube channel.

Okemah Rising continues Dropkick Murphys’ journey interpreting the work of Woody Guthrie for a new generation, following last year’s highly-acclaimed This Machine Still Kills Fascists album.

North Atlas

Scottish fellowship North Atlas, have just released the video for their latest single “fasterthanyourthoughts”.

Written from the perspective of having ADHD, this is a song about distracting yourself, trying to outrun negative thoughts, only for them to eventually catch up with you and hit ten times worse.

– Leon Hunter (vocals)

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The Damn Truth

Psychedelic Montreal four-piece rock and roll band, The Damn Truth, are pleased to announce the Wednesday May 31st release of their new single and accompanying music video, “Lonely”.

“The song Lonely started taking shape in our touring van as we began a cross Canada tour,” says TDT’s lead singer, Lee-La Baum. “Three days into that journey, our van went up in flames with our acoustic instruments, personal belongings and our hopes to continue our long-awaited tour.”

Sour Brandy

The Brazilian band Sour Brandy released their debut album Unglory, and today they release the last single from the disc, “Let it Die”, with a video clip that shows all the energy and sound that the band wants to show. Sour Brandy proposes to bring the mentality and aesthetics of the old west, with a timeless sound that mixes the band’s diverse influences.

“Let it Die” brings a concept of how depression can occur inside someone’s mind, and here it is told in the skin of someone living in the wild west era. The lyrics tell an anguish and suffering so great, that the way the instruments and the voice are expressed during the music in the form of waves, where that person tries to fight to forget and overcome the past, but something always pursues him like a shadow.

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As the assault on the world keeps coming, so does ripe new material from 3Teeth. Today, the modern industrial act provides another taste of their hotly anticipated new album via the release of Slum Planet, featuring production from Doom composer Mick Gordon. It’s featured alongside a gripping new video from one of Hollywood’s leading video directors, Matteo Santoro (who grew up with 3Teeth frontman Alexis Mincolla).

Repeating the anthemically charged chorus, “I don’t care if you live or you die, as long as you’re willing to buy,” the song takes aim at the ills of a sick planet obsessed with over-consumption at all costs, further admonished in an attention-grabbing mid-track diatribe from frontman and creative lead, Alexis Mincolla.

Mincolla explains the track:

An ecosystem? More like an ego-system. Slum Planet is a monument to the hubris of mankind, to the ruthless exploitation of nature in the name of progress, to the willful blindness of those who chose profits over preservation.


“Every once in a while, we’ll harness some kind of magic, and I think we did on this one,” says front man Gary Cherone of “Other Side of the Rainbow”. “It’s a universal theme. It’s about restoring someone’s faith in love… it’s the perfect marriage of lyrics and melody.”

After leading with three very rock singles from Six, Extreme show another side of what the press is calling “one of the band’s most enduring albums” (Powerplay UK).

“It’s a groove we’ve never done acoustically,” says Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme co-founder and guitarist. “It’s got my favourite guitar solo… it’s an up-tempo, moving song.” Nuno continues, asking, “How do you play a blistering solo, making it feel like a rainbow?”

The answer is here, in “Other Side of the Rainbow”, a track that joins the ranks of “More Than Words”, “Hole Hearted”, and “Seven Sundays” as one of Extreme’s most soulful journeys into the depths of the human heart.

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