Video Roundup: Black7 / Paria / Empyre / Plastic Barricades / Revaira / The Dark Side Of The Moon / Sortilège

Life has been getting in the way if me chucking too much stuff up on the website recently (thank you to all our other crew for writing review after review!), so here’s an eclectic lucky seven of the recent video releases that have made their way into our mailbox recently.


German heavy instrumental project Blackl7 have released a dynamic and orchestral second single and video “For This Moment” from their upcoming album with SODEH Records.


In celebration of 20 years of their unique sound of progressive thrash metal, Paria, formerly of Black Market Activities / Metal Blade, has released the official music video for their newest single, “Venerate”. Featuring current footage mixed with the best footage from the early 2000s, collected from old friends and fans and digitized, “Venerate” showcases the band’s incredible stage presence and high energy instrumentation.

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With their new album Relentless released on 31st March (Kscope), UK rock band Empyre have shared the video for new single “Waking Light”.

The artwork for the video was created using AI technologies and with so much discussion going on with AI right now, the band wanted to open up the conversation and see just how both artist and technology can coexist to create something truly unique.

Plastic Barricades

Fancy some easy-going light rock with a trippy video? Check out Plastic Barricades’ new single / video “Counting Fireworks”.

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Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Revaira has been delivering their unique brand of modern metalcore since their formation in 2016. With a sound that blends heavy, crushing riffs with ambient and atmospheric elements, the band has quickly made a name for themselves in the national music scene. Their debut album “In Between” released in collaboration with Redfield Records received positive feedback and helped the band gain attention. Building on that success, the band has continued to evolve and experiment with their sound, as evidenced by their latest EP “Journey” mixed and mastered by the internationally known sound engineer Lance Prenc.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Fantastic metal quartet The Dark Side Of The Moon have released the fourth single and their first original song, the harmonic “The Gates of Time”. The fourth single from debut album, Metamorphosis, highlights Melissa Bonny’s distinctive voice, combined with the beautiful harp playing by Jenny Diehl.

The French kings of heavy metal, Sortilège, are now releasing a brand new music video for the track “Vampire”. The song is taken from the freshly released new album Apocalypso.

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