The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara raise ADHD awareness with new video

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) have released a new music video and single, “Hypermetamorphosis” from their latest album Trust No Leaders [review here – Mosh].Hypermetamorphosis”, explores the challenges of living with ADHD, as well as to raise awareness on the creative potential of the condition.

Commenting on the meaning and motive behind their new release, the band shares:

This is a journey through the ADHD mind. Both the song and video simulate what it is like to have ADHD, both visually and audibly. It shows the chaos, and the cacophony of the ADHD experience, but also its positive sides. The stream of consciousness lyrics, dissonant melodies, and erratic rhythm and structure, recreates a sensory and cognitive experience of how the ADHD brain processes, perceives and interprets the world. The music video was created by us — and also by someone who lives with ADHD. It is a simulation of the world, experienced through the ears and eyes of someone with ADHD.

The title, “Hypermetamorphosis” is an old term from the 1800s, one of the many terms which was used to refer to the ADHD. Despite the negativity which has often come with understanding the condition throughout history, modern science and new therapeutic innovations have allowed us to finally come to realise this important fact: It is the very chaos and restlessness of how the ADHD mind processes information and ideas — that allows the ADHD mind to find connections and flows in a way that is inaccessible through the filter of rationality in a neurotypical brain. This is pure creativity.

We hope that what we created will help people gain a deeper understanding and empathy for those who are close to someone with ADHD, whether he or she is your child, parent, partner, relative, friend, or colleague. Most importantly, we hope to inspire anyone who is struggling living with ADHD, and to help encourage them all to be fearless, in unleashing that powerful, vibrant, and immense creative energy that’s buried underneath all the chaos. You are not alone.

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Trust No Leaders is available to stream and download. Purchase as limited edition CDs via the band’s website.

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