Make Tuesday more bearable with a new song from Bastette

Blackburn-based alt-rock band Bastette share their brand new single “Good Time Girl”, out now on all streaming platforms. A song celebrating diversity, “Good Time Girl” is an anthem for womxn, the yee-haw gays, the QPOC community, and everyone in between.

Featuring pole princess Kitty Velour and drag icon Liquorice Black, the music video was shot in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and showcases people from diverse backgrounds embracing who they really are.

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Recorded at the Lounge in Wigan with Gaz Nuttall, the band laid down an electrifying guitar riff and the song effortlessly came together to create a mashup of old Guns n Roses with a punky upbeat chorus. Written for womxn and the LGBTQ+ community, this track doesn’t hold back; it is bold and punchy just like the communities it champions.

Speaking of the track, Caroline says, “‘Good Time Girl’ is about taking control of your own desires. It has always been the case that womxn have been objectified in society and those who are different are made to feel like they don’t belong and belittled. Don’t let others dictate who you can or can’t be. Sometimes, you have to fight your way through hard times to come out in a better place and to truly understand who you are.”

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