Yeah, Sick! released debut album and new music video

Set To Devour Us All! is the debut album by hardcore/metal duo, Yeah, Sick! and it gives a fresh look at heavy music in the modern space. Bridging the gap between comedy and heavy music in the age of social media, vocalist/bassist Liam Frost-Camilleri and drummer Benito Martino set to push musical boundaries in this project.

Liam had this to say about the project:

It isn’t quite hardcore and it’s quite metal, I mean, there aren’t many bands out there that just bash a bass as the main stringed instrument and expect it to work as a full sounding project, but we wanted to try something different and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We were bored during the COVID lockdowns and this is what came out of it.

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Many of the tracks are humours in nature and draw on popular culture, such as “John Wick’s Dog” and the Black Books-inspired mostly instrumental track “Little Book Of Calm”. Five film clips will be released to help promote the recording and can be found on the duos YouTube channel. Each clip showcases a different style of track and filming, keeping a fresh perspective on the music and giving fans a taste of the diversity of the project. The duo even pulled other members from local bands to help complete the filming. The chaotic nature of the clips make for a terrific high energy listening experience. Being released on all major platforms today 26th of June, you can listen and follow Yeah, Sick! on almost all platforms. in conjunction with the release the band released another video for the song Machine Man is well!

The album, Set to Devour Us All! is available on their Bandcamp page.

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Yeah, Sick!: facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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