Video Roundup: Amaranthe / Hyper Planet / Break Me Down / A’Priori / Gravelle/Perinbam / Marraskuun Lapset

Just because the live scene is kicking into gear again, and festivals are all over the place, there are still a ton of new songs, albums and videos being released. Here’s a small visual selection from the last day or two…


“Crystalline” has undoubtedly given fans goosebumps at many of Amaranthe’s breathtaking live shows, and now the band have channeled that unique feeling into a remarkable music video.

The song is also celebrating a rebirth – now released as “Crystalline (Orchestral Version)”, which differs not only in sound, but also in the emotion and harmonies carried by the orchestral elements. The majestic interplay of orchestral arrangements and in turn distorted guitars is visually underlined in the stunning video, and not least by the incredible vocal performance between Elize Ryd and Nils Molin.

Hyper Planet

Not a lot to tell you about this band, other than that they play progressive metal and they come from Tehran, Iran. There are also very few metal songs featuring a santur and a qanun (hope I got those right), so bonus points for that! Worth also noting that “To Live With Wisdom” has been selected as a winner in the American Track Music Awards competition in the Best Rock/Metal Song of the Month section!

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Break Me Down

After the release of the first single “See Me Fall” with Veronica Driven on vocals, Break Me Down present “Lose Your Mind”, a new track with a fast-paced rhythm, big guitars, and captivating vocals.

Veronica, frontwoman of the band, says:

We all grew up with a happy ending: the prince who saves the princess from the evil witch or the evil queen. Many beautiful fairy tales have been written and many wonderful cartoons and films have been shot. But those stories are not true! We know very well that real life is not a fairy tale and there is rarely a happy ending. In a nutshell: in reality, the bad guys win. The whole process of writing our new songs started from this perspective. We wanted to give a voice to the villains of fairy tales and tell their stories, and their feelings. It is not true that we are only good or only bad. It depends on the situations we live in and which we are forced to face. Because in real life, when we are wronged, each of us can become bad and feel the desire to do evil, to take revenge. In these songs, our bad side wins.


The song “Nah Nah Nah Nah” is our way of approaching a serious subject in a fun / sarcastic way. It is about being given demands from a person in a position of power who is supposedly more qualified yet acts less qualified… it’s almost laughable. So if you look at the name “Nah Nah Nah Nah” in a way of children making fun of each other and just making our current way of life one big game!

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Ivory Knight guitarist Rob Gravelle and front-man John Perinbam have released their first original single as a duo. “Black Veil of Silence” speaks of abuses by figures of authority and harkens back to the classic metal sound of Iron Maiden and Ozzy during the eighties.

Marraskuun Lapset

Finnish melancholic metal band Marraskuun Lapset have released their debut EP Lauluja Elämässä Eksyneille. To celebrate the EP release, the band have also dropped a new music video for the closing track “Jos en enää herää”.

The five songs on the EP mirrors the different backgrounds of the band members. The main strength of the band is in catchy riffs and dark lyrics. Songs are kept simple and sometimes they go in really deep and dark places but try to find hope in there. This first release is just a start and the band is currently making its next release.

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