Want some German post-hardcore? Our Mirage release video for “Calling You”

German post-hardcore outfit Our Mirage have released a video for their brand new single “Calling You”, another taste of their upcoming third album.

Using the pandemic to reboot and powerfully return, “Calling You” is a hard-hitting masterpiece, written straight from the heart. The emotional lyrics accompany the listener in the real-life situations of the ever-changing times, whilst the band experiment with new sounds, as melody is paired with heavier, heart-crushing vocals.

Check out the video below, and grab the track from the usual online sources.

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Hailing from Germany, Our Mirage hit your feelings deep. From their ambient music to poignant lyrics that really strike a nerve, this young group are becoming known for the emotion that they pour into their music. On their 2020 album Unseen Relations, released via Arising Empire, Our Mirage delved deeper, using their intuition to focus on relatable problems and struggles that we deal with on a regular basis.

Header image by Kathi Sterl

Our Mirage: official | facebook | instagram

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