Video Roundup: Sonata Arctica / Cobra the Impaler / Kris Barras Band / Kings And Liars / Palisades / Hollowed Human

Not done one of these for a while! Here’s half a dozen new visual treats for you, each wrapped around an equally groovy bit of music…

Sonata Arctica

Finnish melodic metal icons Sonata Arctica should be closing their Acoustic Adventures European tour this week. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed to late 2022 due to obvious reasons. But fans need not worry as the band are bringing some cozy living room concert atmosphere to their homes in the form of the first part of their two-piece Acoustic Adventures album, due out on January 21st, 2022 via Atomic Fire.

Containing acoustic adaptations of twelve tracks leading through Sonata Arctica’s discography, Acoustic Adventures – Volume One was recorded and produced by Mikko Tegelman and the band at Studio57 in Finland. Tegelman was also responsible for the album’s mix and mastering alongside bass player Pasi Kauppinen. Today they launch a new lyric video for the song “The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me” from the album.

Cobra the Impaler

Cobra the Impaler was founded by Tace DC (ex-Aborted, Hæster, Horses on Fire) in Gent – Belgium. Taking strong cues from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, the band forges together larger-than-life grooves and spirited guitar leads with enchanting clean vocal harmonies and razor-sharp screams. Effortlessly flowing from breakneck riffs to tasteful melodic breaks, Cobra the Impaler makes strong use of stylistic elements from groove, thrash, and classic heavy metal.

They have just released their first digital single “Blood Eye”, taken from their debut full length album Colossal Gods due to be released on Feb 25th 2022 on Listenable.

Being the second track on the record, we wanted ‘Blood Eye’ to hit with huge amounts of ferocity, catching the listener off guard. This is a song about defiance and standing up to your demons. Lines like “I’ll wield the hammer, ‘I’ll face you tyrant” & “I’m holding the line, ‘it keeps us alive” illustrate the struggle against an oppressor, either physical or ethereal. Just exactly who or what that oppressor is, remains open to interpretation.

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Kris Barras Band

Kris Barras Band has reveal “These Voices”, the third song to be taken from their upcoming album, Death Valley Paradise, which will be released on 4th March 2022 via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group , and you can watch the lyric video for “These Voices” below.

The band will also be taking on their biggest tour of the UK to date in March 2022 playing 15 shows, beginning in Exeter for the first of two shows at the Phoenix on 8th March and finishing at London’s Electric Ballroom on 26th March. You can buy tickets now.

Kings And Liars

Kings And Liars – featuring brothers Charlie and Nick Bellmore (The Dee Snider Band, Jasta) and Christopher Taylor Beaudette (Jasta, Entierro) have released the video for “Hang on for Dear Life”. The new song from the Connecticut-based hard rock juggernaut marks the second single from their upcoming album, Transition Animals.

Guitarist/vocalist Charlie Bellmore comments on the track:

This song feels like a mission statement for the entire band – RIFFS, big choruses with harmonies, trading vocals, solos that lean way into the blues and the signature Bellmore Brothers songwriting you’ve been hearing in a lot of different places the last 15 years. Crank it and sing along!

Salt of the Earth Records will release Transition Animals on January 28, 2022.

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New Jersey rock powerhouse Palisades are back with a vengeance and have recently released their new single and music video “My Consequences” (via Rise Records). After weathering life’s storms of losing loved ones and band lineup changes, “My Consequences” is the first track with their new singer (formerly bassist) Brandon Elgar. Speaking on today’s news, Brandon shares:

“My Consequences” is the culmination of so much work and so many emotions. We are really excited to share this song with the world. Having felt trapped inside my head for some time, this song acknowledges those feelings while inviting anyone that has felt the same to come along on the ride with us.

Hollowed Human

We are Shame, Angst, Ire and Hope. Like you, we are people who have lived through life’s euphoric highs and descended to the darkest depths of agony. All of us share a compelling history. We wear a face of happiness behind a transparent mask of misery, in a suspended state of numbness and on the edge of sanity in search of balance. Collapsed in torment but but determined to endure this journey, we are the lost souls of a Hollowed Human.”

– Hollowed Human

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