Video Roundup: Armored Saint / Lordi / Re-Armed / Militaria / Johnossi / Burning The Oppressor

Sunday night, and what better time to ramp up the volume before we’re back to the slog in the morning?

Armored Saint

Armored Saint have released a new CD/DVD, Symbol of Salvation Live, via Metal Blade Records, to celebrate the seminal album’s 30th anniversary. For a preview of Symbol of Salvation Live, a live video for “Spineless” can be seen below. Grab the full CD/DVD now.


Screeching towards Halloween, Lordi brings with them what is probably the most gruesome Halloween news of 2021: the Finnish ESC winners from 2006 now have their own ghost train!

All aboard The Lordi Ghost Train and experience gruelling terror in the truly unique Lordi style that is featured in the new music video for the band’s third single from the upcoming album Lordiversity. The track is called “Borderline”, truly an 80s pop rock hit single.

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Finnish melodeath stalwarts Re-Armed have announced their 20th Anniversary EP, titled XX, out 27 January 2022 via Inverse Records. The EP contains five other songs in addition to the released single, “As the Stars Align”.

Filmed and edited by the band’s guitarist Allan Välimaa, the music video for the track got its premiere via Metal Insider.


A cinematic music video for the song “Devastation Obsession”, off the 2021 debut album Remains with Pain by thrash metal band Militaris, featuring Andrew Knappstein (Wartooth) on vocals and James Benson (Mason) on lead guitar, was released on the 24th of October.

The video follows the story of three soldiers who are stranded in the middle of the bush, finding their way, when an enemy sniper emerges and takes them out one by one. You can grab the whole album via their Bandcamp page.

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Swedish rock duo Johnossi announce new album titled, Mad Gone Wild for release via BMG on Feb 11th, 2022. It’s their seventh album underlying a pulse-pounding psychodrama and intimate portrait of a man slipping into insanity. Today, the band have streamed new single “Koala Before The Storm” alongside a new CGI made video in celebration directed by Zach Beech and Nasos Apostolopoulos.

Burning The Oppressor

Canadian death metal quintet Burning The Oppressor have released new single “Martyrize”, the second track taken from their upcoming album Damnation, out 29th October via Candlelight Records. A powerful song tackling the issue of domestic abuse, watch the video for “Martyrize” below. The band comment:

“Martyrize” was written, a few years ago, in a surge of anger and incomprehension after news broke out of abuse suffered by a seven-year-old girl at the hands of her father and stepmother in the eastern townships, Quebec. The circumstances of her death sent a shock wave through Canada and authorities ordered a public inquiry to shed light on how child protective services could have failed so miserably, in this particular case, even though they were apprised of the situation well before her death.

During the last year, the number of cases of infanticide and feminicide have also, unfortunately, been on the rise; no doubt emphasized by the current pandemic. Reports of domestic violence have skyrocketed in the past year and a half, we felt it was important for us to try and bring attention to these tragic situations without romanticizing the suffering of their victims.

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