Melodeath outfit Sense of Noise release new video, announce album

Blasting out of Mexico City (you can guess what country that is) are Sense of Noise, who have just released a video for “Our Dying Light”. In the words of the band it is “a very melodic track with strong folk/viking vibes but keeps it’s root on our Melodic Death Metal sound which is strongly influenced by the Gothenburg sound bands, but with a modern approach and production.”

Opening with a long acoustic section which features lovely clean vocals, it segues into something significantly heavier. It’s hard to believe the same vocal cords are used to sing the rest of the song with a much more guttural tone, and despite it’s pounding beat there is still a singalong “woah-ah-oh” chorus. It’s the closest I’ve heard to radio friendly death metal in approximately forever.

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Even though “Our Dying Light” is the band’s fourth single and their debut album is coming, members are not new to the metal and music industry, having already played on big stages like Wacken Open Air, MetalDays and Knotfest with previous bands, and have collaborated with members of legendary bands like Morbid Angel, Therion, Shining (Nor), Atheist and Snowy Shaw in other projects.

The eponymous album is due for release on November 5th.

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Sense of Noise: official | facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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