Exclusive Video Premiere: Reaper – “Entropy”

As always, it gives us a buzz to have first dibs on something! Moshville Radio got the premiere radio play of this little ditty and we’re following up with the first hosted video screening… Read on for a little bit about “Entropy”, then scroll down and enjoy the music!

“Entropy” was written between the members of the second iteration of Reaper far back in 2013. Our vocalist, guitarist Daniel Moran and our then bassist, Matthew Pruden, aimed to make something more progressive and focused on themes of space, time, and encapsulate all of the 80s spacey tropes we could into what would become a future template for more progressive songs.

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It was the final addition to Birth of Chaos and Rebirth and sees two main changes: an escalating back and forth of lead guitar work from lead guitarist Anthony Capitano, and Dan, and a cataclysmic reimagining of the climax. Lyrical changes were applied and, yes, we absolutely name dropped the disc in the first line.

The Birth of Chaos will be independently released on Friday 29th October 2021!

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