Video Premiere: NitroVille – No Game of Chance

Another day, another video premiere. This one is rather tasty – classic rock with pop hooks aplenty and coated in a Southern rock polish in their criminally catchy “No Game of Chance”. NitroVille have been grafting hard, working on the follow-up to their 2016 album on Mighty Music Records, returning with a collection of ten songs, all to have their own individual release as singles!

In the modern world where plastic sucks, Spotify rules, and kids don’t listen to albums anymore, the band are excited to go large with album number three, Ten Chapters, in an almost digital-only issue with all tracks to have their own release and promo video!

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Whilst the band are keen to eliminate their use of plastics in production runs, fans of physical formats won’t be entirely left out, with the option of very limited runs on CD and vinyl products in the album format will be available further down the line for the traditional die-hards and collectors among us.

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Slots at rock festivals are to come, including the rescheduled Ramblin’ Man Fair and Hard Rock Hell, and, whilst in the meantime the band have been keeping themselves entertained with live streams, NitroVille are more than ready to now stomp on stage to a live audience!

NitroVille: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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