Hosted Video Premiere: Ward XVI – “Burn The Witch”

After last night’s streamed premiere, we’re proud (again!) to show the latest fruits of Ward XVI’s labours, in this case the final single / video from their incredible Metamorphosis album (reviewed here), “Burn The Witch”.

The band tell us a little about the song and the recording of the video…

“Burn the Witch” is one of our most progressive and epic songs to date and maybe the biggest departure from the style of music that WARD XVI are most known for.

The track follows Psychoberrie as she deals with the consequences of her situation – both psychologically and physically – and focuses on regret, anger, compassion and sorrow.

The video was filmed on a very cold day in the Lake District In early 2021 with Forshaw Media, and saw temperatures drop to minus 8 during some of the performance scenes.

Sounds like a nice stake with some toasty flames underneath may not have been so unwelcome after that experience!

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