Rampart releases videos for “Twice Occupied” and “Now We Are One”

Bulgarian heavy metal band Rampart has released a music video for the song “Twice Occupied”, taken from the band’s new album WWII: Memories For The Future. The main topic line of the lyrics is conceptual and features less known historical facts about the War.

The new album from Rampart was released on 2nd July via Sleaszy Rider Records. The band comments:

The conception of our new album WWII: Memories for the Future was born under the influence of some new historical researches and semi-apocryphal theories of events from WWII. Some facts combined with the current state of the modern world very well and explained, at first glance, some chaotic events. The feeling of this process was as if a puzzle is arranged in front of your eyes in a meaningful picture. Rhymes and music seemed to pour themselves into the mold of the album’s conception. Respectively, some of the songs acquired more aggressive characteristics, while others were born in classical forms.

Twice Occupied

Recently, Rampart also unveiled a music video for the song “Now We Are One” which is dedicated to political and historical events directly related to Bulgaria. “After all, this is the ‘bell tower’ from which we look at the processes of WWII. Peace must be ‘fought for’ constantly, consciously, and convincingly. We will continue to make mistakes but our level of consciousness must be guided not by the most destructive ideas but by our most progressive ones,” says the vocalist Maria Diese.

Now We Are One

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