Video Premiere: Killing – “Legion Of Hate”

Danish thrash’s best-kept secret will no longer be a secret for too long. “Legion Of Hate” is their new song, ahead of their upcoming album, and shows just how good the kids are.

Killing is warming-up for what will be one of the thrash records of the year by presenting their new single and video “Legion Of Hate”. A thrashing anthem oozing with hatred, shredding all the way through and ready to take the metal world by storm.

Written and directed by the band themselves, “Legion Of Hate” explores the 80’s imagery, with the song being taken from Killing debut album Face The Madness, probably the best Danish thrash metal record since Excursion Demise by Invocator and By Inheritance from Artillery.

Thrash has had so many waves, ups and downs that it’s almost impossible to trace back the whole story of the style. The fans, however, remain the same since a bands such as Slayer and Metallica developed a speed and more aggressive take to NWOBHM as a backlash against the Reagan-era conservatism and the pop culture that ruled the early 80’s. Killing is the product of just that. A bunch of kids raised to the sound of the classic thrash metal we all know, that made them pick up their instruments and want to thrash like their idols. To make a long story short, this is the back-bone of Face The Madness, the debut album of the Midtjylland fab-four that will simply be known as “one of the best thrash albums of the year 2021”

The vicious monster of energy Killing comes from east Jutland, Denmark. Formed late 2013, with the sole purpose of writing uncompromising thrash metal, as in the good old days. Inspiration is drawn from the golden era of the genre, where bands like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, and Metallica ruled the stage with an iron fist.

After years of concerts and songwriting, they released the 2018 critically acclaimed EP Toxic Asylum, which was followed by a longer tour around northern Europe. The following year, the single “Raise Your Anger” was released, which was followed by a long series of festival performances.

The many shows have proven their worth, as the east Jutland quartet on stage creates an intense and engaging vibe, that echoes long after the lights go out. Due to Covid, the winter/spring tour of 2020 had to be cancelled. This meant the band could focus their strength towards recording their debut album Face The Madness with Jacob Bredahl, in Dead Rat Studio.

Face The Madness will be released in digital, LP, and CD formats by Mighty Music on 13th August 2021.

Line up:

  • Jesper Skousen: drums
  • Snade: guitar
  • Rasmus Holm Sørensen: guitar
  • Rasmus Soelberg: vocals, bass

Killing: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | spotify | targetshop

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