Single Review: 40,000 Leagues – Reaper

40,000 Leagues first came to our attention in March 2019 as a Band of the Day, and then popped up again on the BadgerFest bill the same year. As with everyone, their plans went a bit awry shortly after that as our friendly neighbourhood Covid virus wreaked havoc across the globe.

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Well, they’re back and they bring a lengthy video with them. A short horror/mystery it’s backed by a new song, “Reaper”. Or they have a new song with a video to go with it. Depends on your viewpoint. Chicken / egg.

What we do have is a heady mix of twangy guitars, banging rhythms and clear vocals that tell a tortured and twisted story. The band have gone all out with the video as well. It’s nicely tongue in cheek, along the lines of a home made Friday the 13th.

You can check the release below, enjoy the story up to its quirky ending and bang your head to the rocking soundtrack!

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Header image by Naomi Readman

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