Video Roundup: Soul Grinder / Bólido / Beastwood / Death of a Dryad / GosT / Royal Bliss

Midweek and here’s a burst of music to get you through the remainder of “humpday”… If you want to look the part while rocking out to these tunes then we recommend checking out the Cyber Goth line over at Punk Rave. Their clothing really is top notch. I wish I was cool enough to carry it off!

Soul Grinder

Bremen-based death metal trio Soul Grinder will release their new EP Lifeless Obsession on June 4th. “Night’s Bane (Nyktophobia)” is the first single released from the upcoming EP and features a guest appearance by Nachtgarm (Negator).


Chilean metallers Bólido have just released a new lyric video for the track “Angel in Black and White”, as a second advanced single from their upcoming third album Against the World, which will be released on June 15th, 2021 through Fighter Records on CD format.

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After unleashing their latest single “Electric Gangbang” in February, Beastwood have now released their new EP The Long Road To Ho via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records. It is available on all digital platforms. Check out the new video for “Girls Of Gold” here.

Death of a Dryad

Death of a Dryad (DD) is an atmospheric dark metal duo from France, whose universe mixes metal riffs with atmospheric ambiances. Hameln is a concept album loosely based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and suggests a succession of musical tableaux. It’s available on CD now.

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As a first taste of Rites of Love and Reverence, that is due for a release on Friday 13th August, GosT is allowing for a deep dive into the aesthetics and concept of the upcoming album. Watch the video for “Coven” here.

Royal Bliss

Following the release of their Top 20 Billboard-charting single “Medication,” today rock group Royal Bliss is releasing their powerful new music video for their new track “Fire Within” via EX1 Records/Explorer1 Music Group. Serving as an anthem for anyone who has been told “no” and to conform, “Fire Within” is a rallying cry for everyone to unite and persevere against all odds together.

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