Video Roundup: Artillery / Daily Insanity / Nergard / Through The Oculus / Sickrecy / Caskets

Fridays are always mental. Here is a tiny sample from our overflowing mailbox!


Today (May 7th), Artillery have released their tenth full-length, X, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of X, a new video for the album track “In Your Mind” (produced by: Morten S. Madsen / Popshit Film) can be viewed below:

Daily Insanity

German heavy thrashers Daily Insanity have unveiled the third single, ‘Sleepless’, from their upcoming album, Chronicles Of War, out September 10, 2021. Following the recent release of ‘I Am The Mission’, ‘Sleepless’ is the second video of the Chronicles Of War music video trilogy, which is based on the album concept and was directed by German director Ronald Matthes who has previously worked with acts like Sodom, Kreator and Machine Head.

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Today Nergard present the second single from their highly anticipated album Eternal White. Currently available to pre-order and officially released on the 21st of May through Pride & Joy Music.

“Carry Me” is an epic, power ballad that showcases the dark, dramatic and melodic sound of the new album.

Through The Oculus

CA based Through The Oculus is a relatively new band, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a huge impact in a short amount of time. Comprised of lead vocalist Sarah Gamblin, guitarist / vocalist Randy Blount, bassist Lauren Weatherford and drummer Eric Freeman, this four-piece powerhouse explores the spaces between melodic death metal, hard rock and classic heavy metal with a unique creative imprint that is very much their own.

Their latest music video “Order Of The Eye” is a high octane preview of what you can expect from the band’s live show, equal parts raw fury and controlled chaos.

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Today Swedish Grindcore unit Sickrecy, the brand new project featuring members of Birdflesh, General Surgery, World in Ruins and Damned to Downfall, unleashed the title track taken from their upcoming debut EP, First World Anxiety! Extreme, fast and chaotic, Sickrecy masterfully conveys the old school spirit of the genre into their sound, injected with shots of Crust Punk, D-beat and Death Metal, so you know what to expect in terms of sheer anger, brute force, blasting speed and pounding frenzy.


Leeds based newcomers Caskets have announced that their debut album Lost Souls will be released on the 13th August through SharpTone Records. To celebrate the announcement the band have revealed the video for their breathtaking new single “Lost In Echoes”.

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