Video Premiere: Wicked Envy – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Sydney’s Heavy Rock Rising Stars Wicked Envy are back with their driving new single “It’s Been A Long Time”. This energetic release is a melting pot of crushing riffs, irresistible grooves, and powerhouse Halestorm-esque vocals packed into a taut duration of just over 4 minutes.

“It’s Been A Long Time” introduces itself with a high-energy riff, a stripped back reprise of the hook-laden chorus before kicking into full gear with pounding drums and thumping bass. With upbeat verses, catchy choruses, and high-energy instrumentation bolstering Desiree Hancock’s versatile vocal range, this offering is brimming with passion and adrenaline throughout the entirety of the song.

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Wicked Envy on their new release:

Due to 2020 being such a disruptive year where gigs were canceled, the recording, was postponed and rehearsals were nonexistent for a while during the year. Covid really did ruin it for all. Early 2021, things started to ease and music was coming back to life. We were able to record new music, write new songs and rehearse more.

Finally! We decided to release “It’s Been A Long Time” as our first single, as we thought it would be the perfect mood lifter and a great escape from reality. Considering the state of the world and music Industry due to Covid. It’s Been a Longtime is an upfront, Ballsy, fast-paced, Rock N Roll track to get shit faced too. The song is about having a massive night out drinking and partying, enjoy life’s experiences, and releasing all inhibitions You can’t help but move your body to this track!

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Incorporating influences such as Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Slash and Myles Kennedy, fans can expect to throw their fists in the air and headbang along to Wicked Envy’s latest tune. “It’s Been A Long Time” packs an unforgettable punch and shows a band who are here to make a compelling statement.

Wicked Envy: facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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Roberto greenhill
Roberto greenhill
May 8, 2021 11:04 AM

Packs a wicked punch, rock on, peace out …