Video Premiere: Timechild – “And Yet It Moves”

“And Yet It Moves” is the new video and single from the new Danish heavy rock/metal band Timechild. The song is a massive and dynamic demonstration of the band’s characteristic Scandinavian sound and competent musical abilities. It presents the listener with singing twin guitars, a progressive rhythm section, and a powerful and present lead vocal.

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The title is, according to legend, the last words of physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei, after being forced to recant his belief that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around resulting in him being sentenced to life in house arrest. In today’s world order, the struggle to separate truth from false and facts from fiction is still more important than ever and has inspired this song.

Timechild’s debut album, also And Yet It Moves, will be released in October via Mighty Music.

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Line up:

  • Anders Folden Brink: lead vocals, guitar
  • Birk: guitar, backing vocals
  • Martin Haumann: drums
  • Daniel Bach: bass, backing vocals

Timechild: facebook | instagram

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