Kvelertak release video game and 8-bit versions of album tracks!

Calling all metal fans and gamers!

Norwegian metallers Kvelertak have immortalized their latest album Splid in video game form and beyond.

Game of Doom arrived today (May 13). It takes fans and singer Ivar Nikolaisen on an epic quest through a retro-style maze where they are tasked with finding the other band members, as well as defeating the ghost of Tagholdt, who haunts a local museum and is a character from the song “Fanden ta dette hull”!

The band says, “Your favourite superheroes are finally back — in a game where you can swing a REAL axe!”

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Watch the game trailer below.

In addition to Game of Doom, the band are also dropping the Splid: Game Of Doom EP, which features four 8-bit versions of songs from Splid that you can hear throughout the game. Get it here.

The game is available Android and Apple devices.

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  1. “Bråtebrann” (Game of Doom Version)
  2. “Crack of Doom”(Game of Doom Version)
  3. “Discord” (Game of Doom Version)
  4. “Fanden ta dette hull!” (Game of Doom Version)

Kvelertak: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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