You should “Pay Attention” to Abby K’s new single / video

After being our New Year “Act of the Day” (before we renamed it “Headline Act”), Abby K has featured on our household smart speakers frequently. Well, she’s back with another guitar-based rocker.

“Pay Attention” is a rock anthem delivered to the proverbial board of trustees as if to say, “I know what I want, I know what I am doing, now listen because I have the rock and I need to roll. Nothing you say or do is taking me off my drive!” Clearly, Abby K is making her statement and it is time for the music insiders to “Pay Attention”!

Without a doubt, Abby K is a strong female-fronted hard rock/metal band continuing to blaze the trail like Lzzy Hale, Lita Ford, and other great female rockers have!

“Pay Attention” is the ultimate “I’m here, now listen” song! It is catchy while also being a hard-hitting rock song that you can’t help but bang your head to. Powerful hooks and shredding guitar solos belong in rock music and we’re bringing them back! We want to show the world that we’re here to stay and we won’t stop until we reach the top. So you’d better pay attention!

The board members in the video, incidentally, are all friends of Abby’s dad and members of F3 Race City.

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