Video Roundup: No Possession / Evile / Vulture / Roulette / Calling Apollo / Válvera

We’ve had some issues with email recently, so the first four videos all come courtesy of our contacts at Palmer Turner Overdrive to make up for missing so many new releases. The rest are plucked at random (as is our usual policy!)…

No Possession

The record label Melodic Passion Records is very proud to release the second single “Black Coal, Thin Ice! by No Possession from their upcoming album, Third Time’s a Charm. The album is out on May 28th.


Today, April 30, 2021, saw British thrash metal heavy weights Evile release their brand new studio album, entitled Hell Unleashed, via Napalm Records – the band’s first album in eight long years! If you want more, then check out Sean’s review.

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On May 21st, Vulture will release their new album, Dealin’ Death, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the new single, “Star-Crossed City” (filmed by Vulture in April 2020, edited by Adrian Guzce), can be viewed now!


Roulette is back with a new single following up the successful album release Now!. The new track “Life Will Go On” has a special meaning for the band and more music will come under 2021.

“Life Will Go On” is an up-tempo ballad and Roulette’s first release since their highly acclaimed album Now! from 2019. The song is about how life might change when someone close leaves us, something that many can relate to during the current pandemic.

However, the song came about when a parent of one the band members passed away due to cancer. The lyrics are for those who remain among us and how the loss affects our everyday life, but also how important it is that life must go on.

“Life Will Go On” took another meaning when the band’s former keyboardist, and original member, also tragically passed away in January 2021.

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Calling Apollo

Calling Apollo’s brand-new single “Bitter” touches on their intrigue of time travel, everything from the lyrics to the animated music video to the constant up-beat pace of the track. They set out to write something anthemic and engaging, having a lot of dynamics from start to finish.


With a balance between aggressive sound, rough and rough vocals and instrumental variety, the new thrash metal band Válvera continues to promote the album Cycle Of Disaster, released in 2020 on the label Brutal Records. With a great production, the band launches the music video for the track “The Damn Colony”, which had an exclusive preview on the Metal Hammer Portugal website.

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