Video Roundup: Bewitcher / Thunder Horse / Sanguisugabogg / Psychosomatic / Vreid / Bloodbound

We get a lot of videos sent to us daily here at Moshville Times and it’s always fun to discover cool new bands and videos to share with you. Check out our selection from these recently released tracks !


Blackened speed metallers Bewitcher are set to release their third record Cursed Be Thy Kingdom on April 16th via Century Media Records. Third single “Valley of the Ravens” brings plenty of catchy riffing, blending epic NWOBHM sounds with some raw black metal energy soundtracking an awesome vintage horror movie-style video.

Von Bewitcher (vocals/guitars) comments:

In the burning times… Tried and convicted for her crimes of black magic, a witch is sent to her demise in the dreaded wastelands where the scavenger birds make their home. Awash in atmosphere and dark bluesy energy, ‘Valley of the Ravens’ is a tale of death, rebirth and eternal vengeance.

Thunder Horse

Bringing some sludgy doom vibes is Thunder Horse with the title track from their upcoming album Chosen One. The sound has a psychedelic flavour with the fuzzy guitar tone, hazy flanger effects and big reverberant vocals. The song is complemented perfectly with the trippy colour effects and visuals in the video. Chosen One is available now via Ripple Music.

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Teaming up with the legendary cult film studio Troma for their new video “Gored in the Chest” is upcoming death metallers Sanguisugabogg. The music is crushingly heavy, nasty and catchy with plenty of old-skool death metal vibes – not forgetting the sick low guttural growls. The video is suitably insane with all the low-budget, home made, camp absurdity of Troma’s style. The clip features a giant cock monster – need I say more? “Gored in the Chest” is from Sanguisugabogg’s upcoming debut album, Tortured Whole, released via Century Media records on March 26th.


Thrash metal veterans Psychosomatic deliver some straightforward politically-charged crossover in “Riot Squadron”, taken from their most recent album The Invisible Prison. The video features numerous violent riot squad behaviours backed by the aggressive punky riffs.

Jeff Salgado (vocals/bass) comments:

“With political tensions at an all-time high, we felt ‘Riot Squadron’ would be a perfect release for this period in time. The song has the vibe of UK punk with crossover thrash metal and fits perfectly into the chaotic lyrical content”

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Black metal mainstays Vreid are set to release their ambitious concept album/movie project Wild North West April 30th via Season of Mist, and it’s exciting to check out the upcoming material. “The Morning Red” is the second single and brings some slow melancholic melody coupled with eerie whispers and guitar arpeggios. The second half of the song brings the cold black metal which over all works well with the red filter, slow moving shots and overlay effects in the video.


The final choice for this Video Roundup is something much more upbeat and cheery in the form of Bloodbound. “Creatures of the Dark Realm” is the title track from the band’s upcoming 9th LP released May 28th via AFM Records. The band bring plenty of catchy melodic power metal riffing (including a folk metal-esque moment in the middle) with some huge vocals and a singalong chorus that’s certain to get fans going when Bloodbound hit the stage.


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