Insomnium release single/video for “The Conjurer”

Small coincidence: last time we saw them live, Insomnium were touring with the band Conjurer. Now they release a single which is an obvious homage to their gig circuit buddies. OK, maybe not.

The video was once again created by renowned director Vesa Ranta, and can be viewed below (or you can stream it via all the usual services). The eagle-eyed may notice that it doesn’t feature guitarist Ville Friman. This was due to pandemic restrictions meaning that he couldn’t join the band for the shoot!

Niilo Sevänen comments:

We haven’t been idle during the pandemic. “The Conjurer” is a tragic tale of jealous and searing love that opens this new chapter for Insomnium. Monumental composition by Markus Vanhala that reaches its peak in the soaring dual guitar solo. The wintry music video was shot in the dreamlike landscapes of northern Finland by director Vesa Ranta and his team. More shall follow…

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After reaching pole position on official Finnish album charts and hitting German top 10 with the acclaimed album Heart Like a Grave in October 2019, Insomnium were once again supposed to entertain the legions of metal addicts all around the world. And that’s what these gentlemen did for the time being: there was definitely no absence of severe headbanging… well, until mid-March 2020 when the good old world abruptly closed its curtains.

Starting today an exclusive “The Conjurer” shirt design can be ordered now.

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