Video Roundup: NOFX / The Party After / The Lickerish Quartet / Azure / Orden Ogan / Vision Video

It’s been a hectic day, and we’ve had a stack of videos come in. Apologies to those we’ve not featured!


The SoCal punks’ new track “Fuck Euphemism” (out now) is lifted from NOFX’s forthcoming album Single Album (due out Feb 26), their 14th release in their 4 decade long career. “Fuck Euphemism” dives into Fat Mike’s sexuality for what he terms “a pronoun bar fight”. Speaking about the impetus behind the track’s lyrics, Mike comments:

I think it’s a very important song for the conversation with the trans community and the LGBT community. I consider myself queer and a part of it, so I can sing a song like this. I live a BDSM lifestyle and I’m a crossdresser, so it did bother me when people were calling me a cis male. I like the whole thing of defining yourself using your own terms, because I’m a punk rocker first, and then a submissive crossdressing male. The transgender community and the gay community are taking a stance on how we want to be known, and I’m going to be known as a certain way.

But I think the most important thing in this song is that it doesn’t need to be that way, because really you’re just a person. In part of the song, I say “Call me ‘per’ for the night,” where “per” is short for person. It’s a term that Doris Lessing came up within a book called The Good Terrorist, which I read in college in the ‘80s.

The Party After

Yesterday, Groundhog Day 2021, Midwestern power trio The Party After released their newest single, aptly named “Groundhogs”, now available on all digital outlets, with an accompanying animated video, featuring psychedelic, over-the-top visuals created by Ellefson Films and Johnny’s Bros Creative Studios.

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The Lickerish Quartet

Following the release of their new EP Threesome Vol. 2, The Lickerish Quartet have just unveiled a hazy video for “The Dream That Took Me Over”.

Set in Los Angeles, or is it set in a dream? Has this happened before or is this the first time? “The Dream That Took Me Over” reflects on longing as well as the uncertainty of desire and its addictive pursuit. While the singer of this track, Eric Dover roams the dark shadowy alleys and neon-lit cityscapes, curiosity mixes with elements of danger and the surreal.


Azure’s furiously idiosyncratic approach to melodic prog songwriting has been little more than a curiosity, bubbling under the surface of the modern prog scene for several years since their 2017 demo Wish for Spring. In 2018, they released an EP called Redtail that consisted of a singular 20 minute, bedroom produced track that delivered an ambitious and emotionally charged fantasy narrative that garnered intrigue from blogs and fans alike.

Now in 2021, their re-emergence is beginning with a new single, “Mistress” – a track that cascades through numerous keys, time signatures, and themes, condensed within an uncharacteristically succinct run time of 3 minutes!

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Orden Ogan

Orden Ogan release the video for new single “Inferno”, out now on AFM Records. “Inferno” is the third single taken from new album Final Days to be released 12th March 2021.

Vision Video

Led by active paramedic, firefighter, and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Dusty Gannon, Vision Video today premiered a video for their new single “Static Drone” via Flood Magazine to announce their debut album, Inked In Red, will arrive April 16.

Check out the song below and head to Flood for the full details on the album.

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