Welicoruss “15 Years of Madness” documentary is online now

Symphonic black metal band Welicoruss has published a documentary about the history of their band, entitled 15 Years Of Madness and dedicated to the band’s 15th anniversary, and you can watch it below.

This film shows the band from its inception to the present day, including many snippets of rare footage, backstages scenes and so on. The documentary is divided into two parts: in the first part, Alexey the leader and founder of Welicoruss, and the former members tell what they have gone through during the Russian part of their biography; and the second period, after Alexey’s relocation to Europe and next studio and tour activities.

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The film touches upon the theme of the development of metal music and of the metal scene in Russia and Siberia, as well as the reasons why Alexey left his native land.

Alexey tells us:

Yes, the period of 15 years is huge time. We have experienced a lot during this time, but the main goal of the documentary is to show why we are doing this, what drives us, to lift the veil about the concept of Welicoruss. We hope this film will be liked not only by fans of Welicoruss, but also by heavy metal fans in general.

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The band are still running their Indiegogo campaign to help fund a second video!

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