Video Roundup: Teen Creeps / Infected Dead / Kivanc Kilicer / Vicious Rooster / Them Bloody Kids / Eight Rounds Rapid

I didn’t get a chance to rattle one of these off yesterday in with all our other news posts, so here’s a quick selection of tracks to tide you over the afternoon!

Teen Creeps

Belgian indie rockers are getting ready to drop their sophomore album Forever tomorrow. But first they are releasing the video for new single “Fall Out”. It’s an energetic track that kicks off with fast-paced drumming and fuzzy guitar chords. “Fall Out” is a catchy and punky indie rock banger that could please fans of Cloud Nothings, Yuck, No Age and powerpop godfather Bob Mould.

Infected Dead

Kent based tech-death monsters Infected Dead have released a bass playthrough video for an updated version of their EP title track “Archaic Malevolence” performed by their new bassist Luke Fabian (Pupil Slicer).

“Luke has been with us for over a year at this point but due to the pandemic, very few people have got to see what he brings to the table and why we were so pleased to add him to our menagerie. I think this video is a great example of what he has to offer.

Coming into those tracks, the existing bass was quite bare bones, so there was a lot of room for manoeuvrer parts-wise, which is of course great in a death context.” commented Luke “As both a bassist and as a massive fan of death metal with a progressive / technical leanings, I was really excited when I joined the band to exploit this ‘space’ and always wanted to add that extra layer into the maelstrom madness on Infected Dead’s material.”

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Kivanc Kilicer

We’ve featured Kivanc a few times in the past and he’s back with a brand new acoustic rocker, and a video to go with it.

Vicious Rooster

Following the release of “The Moon Is Dancing”, Vicious Rooster returns with the energetic “Something Goin ‘On”, a song full of rhythm, sharp guitars and a voice that seeks to capture the attention of the audience.

The single was mixed by Mikal Reid, who has worked with renowned artists such as Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, Ben Harper, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, among others.

Accompanied by his first music video, the single marks the beginning of a new stage in the career of singer-songwriter Juan Abella, in which he promises to bring his own share of rock to the music scene.

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Them Bloody Kids

Prepare yourselves for Them Bloody Kids as they burst into 2021 with their riff-heavy, politically charged debut album, Radical Animals, out on 23 April. Today the band have released a taste of what’s to come from their debut full-length in the form of introspective new single, “Do What You Do”.

Eight Rounds Rapid

Modern life is shit and pointless. Phones, beer, sex, chips. Garish bright flashing lights. Mere distractions.

Inspired by the song of the same name by Essex post-punk four-piece Eight Rounds Rapid, from their third studio album Love Your Work, Onesie is a shank-sharp satire on our soulless and much-beloved Instagram-obsessed post-Brexit Britain, directed by Henry Littlechild and Tony Burke.

Starring Avengers: Infinity War / Peaky Blinders’ Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Onesie tells the inconvenient story of most of our lives. A sudden birth; thrown from the passenger seat of a speeding Ford Racing Puma, into the full glare of cheap provincial living. Then a lonely eventless death a short while later, on the cold lonely pavement of an after-hours Essex seafront. In between, an adventure of sorts, but nothing of real any consequence.

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