Video Roundup: Abigail’s Affair / Rossometile / Amvyx / Lyfordeath / Hurricane on Saturn

Another huge pile in the inbox that we’re skimming from…

Abigail’s Affair

Abigail’s Affair are proud to unleash the official music video to “Wolves”, the track taken from their upcoming album Shattered due for release on Feb 19th via Wormholedeath.


Here comes “Oblivion”, the fourth video from the album Desdemona, full of emotion, mystery and incredible energy. Set between the land and the sea, it is a rough sea like the gothic soul of the group, it is a sea in which to let go because where everything ends there is only death, as a dark place where you can still meet and recognize yourself. In the depths of the water, separation and farewell still find meaning. Another masterpiece.

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“Agony” is a song about inner feelings. There are times when we feel helpless, we feel like our mind plays tricks on us, but in the end, we get through it all. Agony tells this tale of insecurity, depression, fear, and hope for a better day.

The song features Chrysa T. on vocals and Eleni Nota on drums


“Heritage” is a new single that appears following the debut album Nullius In Verba, released in 2018, and will bridge the new work of the band, currently in composition.

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Hurricane on Saturn

Italy-based Hurricane on Saturn self-released their debut album Killing Field on November 13th 2020. Today the band unleashes a new lyric video for the song “Me Versus All”, taken from the album.

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