Exclusive: Tempest Rising release new “Downfall” video/single

Perth, Australia metal powerhouse Tempest Rising release their compelling new single “Downfall” today. Behind the levity of the music video, there is a pertinent message of navigating through the challenges of mental health and isolation. This track showcases the band’s second to none song writing skills with Vin’s signature heavy vocals sitting atop a blend of hard hitting groovy riffs, hook-laden chorus’, fast paced thrash driven verses and Trivium-esque solos.

Coming off their highly acclaimed album Alter Ego, Tempest Rising have shared stages with Arch Enemy, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Apocalyptica, Trapt, Saliva, Marduk and more. With two full national tours and an international tour under their belt, Tempest Rising are a band to keep your eyes on.

Tempest Rising: facebook | instagram | spotify | bigcartel

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