Video Premiere: Slave Steel – “Shut”

The song “Shut” is the second release from an upcoming 5-track EP to be released by Slave Steel in spring 2021. The next and third release is planned for February 5th, while the first, “Ogre Cage”, was released in September last year. Check that one out as well!

The video-clip track is a short edit of the actual song which will be published on Spotify etc. and included in the EP, so you have even more metally goodness to look forward to. It was recorded and mixed at Rogue Studio by Alessio Garavello, and mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (they have worked with Kreator, Sepultura, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, and many others).

“Shut”‘s theme is about closing one’s self off as an answer to an outer hostile reality. The lyrics are inspired by “The Burial of the Dead” from T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, both for the contents (disillusionment, desolation, loneliness) and the ironic tone, specifically the first verse quotes:

Hey – what a shame
this landscape – looks so lame
dried trees – cracked soil – obscured sun
must be the escapeless Waste Land!

The fencing net in the artwork recurs in the video, too, and it’s metaphor for the barrier between the self and a merciless reality (Red) where only our dark silhouettes outlive.

The video was filmed in collaboration with the prestigious UAL as part of an underground music and video project.

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February 17, 2021 6:01 PM

[…] Slave Steel in spring 2021. The first, “Ogre Cage”, was released in September last year and we premiered song number two, “Shut” in […]