Steel Panther proclaim “F#CK 2020” in new song

Due to new Covid regulations, Steel Panther had to postpone their live stream event this weekend. But they’ve still unleashed a new filth-laden track, one for which I’m sure we can relate to the titular sentiment. It’s a reworking of “Fuck Everybody”, from their most recent album Heavy Metal Rules and should tide you over until the new date for their event can be announced.

All tickets for the event will be honoured for the new date, and ticket holders get a free download of the song. Everyone else can grab / stream it from the usual places tomorrow (Dec 7th).

This year has been fucking tough on everyone. We were excited to hang with you all at Gobblefest this weekend and hopefully have some laughs, but Covid has other plans for us. We hope you enjoy the new song in the meantime. It has become an anthem for the band – and not just because we wrote it. Please join us in telling 2020 to suck our collective dick.

Header image by David Jackson

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