Pretty Addicted release “Phobia” video

“Dance-Punk” Clown Goth Vicious Precious delivers one more dark banger filled with shit tons of aggression and stompy beats before we say goodbye to this awful year!

The dentist-themed song and video hits all the emotional rave feels but has the angsty punk attitude that helps make Pretty Addicted who they are!

The video is a creepy one with old-school Manson vibes and horror themes. You can tell the 90s are very much still in the heart of PA! The video is age-restricted so we can’t embed it (boo), but all you have to do is click on these magic words to be transported to the correct place in YouTube-land.

This is another song from the upcoming (delayed, due to covid) Soul For Sale album out April 8th 2021. Vicious promises another 3 DIY music videos before the album drops!

Pretty Addicted: official | facebook | instagram | bandcamp | spotify | youtube | bigcartel

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