October Changes release new single / video (post courtesy of Planet For Sale)

The nice folk of Planet For Sale recently took advantage of our “guaranteed post” deal. As such, they had their article published and we also plucked the following news out of our inbox to go up as well – effectively sponsored by them!

October Change’s music can be described as an eclectic blend of symphonic, industrial and gothic metal, fused together with some electronic influences. The female vocalist delivers vocals that go from clean, more classic inspired to more powerful dark vocals. The result is a unique and variable sound that has the ability to reach beyond metal-music-lovers.

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They have just releases their new single “The Dark Paradise” along with a video for it which you can enjoy below.

The song went through quite a process to become what it is today. We wanted to create a dark, but heavy vibe, with a strong sound and a dark industrial mood. We think we really succeeded in that.

For the mixing and mastering we wanted someone that could bring out the best in our music. We found a really good match with Josh Welshman from JW mixing in New York. Some people might know him as the vocalist from the band Defeated Sanity. He has produced, mixed and mastered some great bands like Norah Jones, David Crosby, Defeated Sanity,… It was a real honor and pleasure to get the chance to work with such a great guy!

October Changes: official | facebook | instagram | vi.be | spotify | youtube

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