Firstborne (ex-Lamb of God, Megadeth) forge a unique new sound with single & video “Sacred Lights”

Firstborne may be the world’s first intercontinental heavy metal band. Shred master Myrone, vocalist Girish Pradhan, bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Chris Adler are strewn across both coasts (and a few continents – Pradhan currently resides in India), but the music they create together couldn’t be more cohesive. A mix of classic heavy metal, thrash and rock; the band recalls acts like Anthrax, Dio, Judas Priest and Eternal Champion while retaining a unique sound that only four of the worlds hardest hitting metal musicians could conjure.

Their latest single and video “Sacred Lights” (produced by guitarist Myrone and directed by resident polymath James Lomenzo) is a continuation of the groups raucous experimentation across the landscape of metal. Pradhan proves his star power with soaring, octave jumping vocals juxtaposed against moments of guttural brutality; while Myrone channels his inner Malmsteen with solo guitar fireworks that interplay with the thrashy riffs headbangers have come to expect from the group. Adler and Lomenzo need no superlatives placed on their performance – the undisputed kings of the rhythm section reign supreme with an explosive but masterfully controlled beat and low end that propel the tune forward at breakneck speeds.

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Guitarist / producer Myrone tells us:

I keep waiting to have creative differences with these guys but it hasn’t even come close to happening yet! Everything everyone does has been met with the most extremely contagious positivity you could imagine. We are all fans of each other and we are having such a blast making all this stuff. Everyone just does their thing and it gets mixed together and these songs are the result. Nobody really has an ego, so we all feel comfortable suggesting different ideas. For example, Chris often offers suggestions for guitar parts that are quite subtle, but end up making huge differences. We’re all congealing into a stew.. and the stew is mighty!

Expect more heavy jams from Firstborne throughout the winter, with forthcoming festival and tour dates to be announced. In the meantime check out the video below or stream the single from everywhere.

Firstborne: officialfacebook | bandcamp | youtube

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