Video Premiere: Lava Suit – “Follow”

Lava Suit is a new experimental solo project from musician and producer Gideon Kretschmer, based out of Frankfurt, Germany. If you like a dose of nice melodic, emo/folk inspired songs that take you back in emotional reminiscence to your happiest memories or saddest day, you will love Lava Suit. Indulging in no-boundaries creative experimentation focused on stripped down productions of guitar, piano, synth, beats and its signature harmony laced vocals, the band is sure to take you on a journey.

Gideon writes and records all the songs himself in his own studio, but he also loves collaborating with other artists across the globe to complement his signature sound of melancholic melodies and soundscapes. An example of this is his recent collab with lyricist Ramon Rabie from Thailand on Lava Suits’ latest two singles, including Follow the new single. Says Gideon:

“Follow” is an ambient trip of melancholy and emotion and deals with the challenges of navigating the complex paths of life, and how difficult it is to walk the path alone. The search for companionship and guidance is a constant need, which is to a large extent an illusion, because ultimately we are alone, and perhaps true strength lies in trusting our inner spirit animal, and setting ourselves free, letting go of fear and embracing the unknown.

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The songs’ lyrics, written in collaboration with acclaimed author Ramon Rabie, is a core element to the songs’ theme and meaning, and the video provides the perfect visual storyboard to bring these lyrics to life.

“The video tells a story of a woman and her companion dog, navigating misty forests and pathways, looking for the light at the end of the darkness. The dog is set free, running ahead to find the way, which is perhaps the liberation both need…” further comments Gideon.

Follow is available now on all digital platforms via HopePunk Records.

Lava Suit: facebook | instagram


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