All of today’s new videos (Oct 15th 2020)

We used to put up the top five videos we received each day, but it got to be a lot of work narrowing them down, editing, publishing and so on. We get so many is, especially on a Friday when we’ve had 50-60 before! It’s a shame not to share them, so here’s a big list of the ones that turned up today – 15th October.

Rather than embedding the videos, we’re just including the YouTube links otherwise this page would take an hour to load! We’re also including videos being premiered on other sites (if there are any today) with a link to the relevant page so they get the benefit of having that exclusive. It’s only fair. Videos listed in the order they came in.

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The Waterboys

The Waterboys have released the video for “Why Should I Love You” from the critically acclaimed new album Good Luck, Seeker out now via Cooking Vinyl.

“Why Should I Love You” is a fantastic cover of a lesser-known Kate Bush song, rearranged and rocked-up in Waterboys style, and illuminated by a romantic video.

Down Factor

Scourge Records re-releases “Blood of the Patriots” as a video from Down Factor’s album Murder the World. George Anderson, creator/writer of From Hell, re-releases this political song from his past band for the corruption of the politics in America has reached a fevered pitch. It beckons for this re-release. Originally written about the American politics of 2005, the message of the song is still a message for today. This video has taken into context today’s politics and merged them easily with the past for little has changed.

Chaos E.T. Sexual

Paris-based post-noise/industrial merchants Chaos E.T. Sexual keep their promises of associating a video to each track of their new album Only Human Crust, due out November 20th on Chien Noir. Plunge into the paranoid and insane world of their new video “Asile”, courtesy of a Cvlt Nation!

Freddy Delirio and the Phantoms

Last year Freddy Delirio and the Phantoms released their debut album The Cross via Black Widow Records.

Today the band led by Freddy Delirio, Death SS’ keyboards player, unveils the official video for the song “The New Order”, taken from the critically praised record The Cross.

Bleed From Within

Acclaimed modern metal outfit Bleed From Within are releasing the audio and video of a live version of the fan-favourite “Into Nothing”. Both were captured during a very special production that the band set up as a virtual support slot opening up for Lamb Of God a few weeks ago.

The song is available on all digital platforms and you can check out the video on YouTube.


Sticking their heads in the sand during a pandemic has never been an option for Ukrainian groove metal juggernaut Jinjer. Instead of drowning in self-pity and using the current global situation as an excuse to be lazy, the band has not only unleashed the ferocious new video to their 6th single, “The Prophecy”, today, but have also announced that they will be making videos for the remaining three songs off of their critically acclaimed breakthrough album, Macro.


Nashville hardcore band Chamber have released a new video for “Numb (Transfuse)”. The video, which originally premiered on Brooklyn Vegan, is taken from the band’s debut album Cost of Sacrifice, out 23rd October via Pure Noise Records.

Gramma Vedetta

Gramma Vedetta recently premiered their new video for their track “Hangup My Boots” via Ghost Cult Magazine.

For those who don’t know, Gramma Vedetta recorded the theme song for the Dumb and Dumbest podcast and in addition to that, Gramma Vedetta is an amazing band [this may have come one of their friends! – Mosh]

Bleeding Malice

Dark metal/hardcore Bleeding Malice from Belarus, after releasing their debut song “The Last Prayer” on September 18th 2020, just made a brand new video out of it. Check it out!


Korn have collaborated with wargaming and free-to-play video game titan, World of Tanks Blitz for a special Halloween event, to reveal the music video for “Finally Free”, taken from the band’s latest studio album, The Nothing. The video sets the stage for World of Tanks Blitz’s brand new Halloween mode: Burning Games.

The clip for “Finally Free” tells the story of Captain, a die-hard Korn fan (and a known character in the World of Tanks Blitz universe) who’s doing all he can to get to Korn’s live performance at the ‘Burning Games’. The problem is a crew of wasteland raiders who do all they can to keep him from his goal. Will he make it to the front row in time to rock out with Korn? Check out the “Finally Free” music video to find out.


An intriguing concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in, Strangers – set to be released on Oct. 30 by M-Theory Audio – is the newest effort from acclaimed Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band Scardust. With one pair of songs already unveiled to the general public via the music videos for “Tantibus II” and “Addicted”, the band has now revealed the first chapter of another two-part saga with their new music video for the track “Stranger”, which can be viewed at YouTube. A video for its companion track will be released next week.

The Mylars

New Jersey power pop rock band The Mylars released their new single “Satellite Girls” off of their upcoming EP, Pop’s Station due out in 2021 via Melody Records. The lyric video is out now.


November 20th, 2020, will see French death metal act, Skelethal, release their hotly anticipated, sophomore album titled Unveiling The Threshold. After the four-piece recently premiered a first clip taken from their upcoming album, they have just unleashed a second single, the raw death metal magnum opus “Repulsive Recollections“! Watch the blistering band performance in Skelethal’s new video.


Nu-Core is the genre on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now, and Pennsylvanian outfit Tallah are leading the charge. Fronted by Justin Bonitz, whose versatile and unhinged vocal stylings have attracted the attention of the masses, and backed by second generation drummer Max Portnoy, the two musicians have combined their musical and artistic influences to create a 13 track nu-metal-meets-hardcore opus that is set to win the title of ‘Metal Album of the Year’.

Following the successful album release which saw worldwide press praise the record’s fresh take on the genre, the band have spat out another unhinged and frenetic video yet again directed by Max Portnoy for the opening track on the album “No One Should Read This”.

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