Donna Cannone release debut video

I just had to feature this as the band photo (to the right) looks like they could be the new ABBA. Just even more metal than the original, if that’s remotely possible.

September 25th saw the release of the debut single from Donna Cannone. A gloriously hooky slice of melodic rock n roll, featuring two former Thundermothers as well as the Soilwork/The Nightflight Orchestra main man, the track backs up the band’s statement of intent that music should be fun, and “Cross the Line” most certainly is! As the band say:

“Cross the Line” is a song for the outcasts. A song for those still brave enough to follow their dreams and to stand for their beliefs. For those who are not afraid to face reality and find their path in life, no matter the cost!

Former Thundermother member Giorgia Cateri (guitars) and her fellow Italian expat found themselves heading to a rehearsal room a short while ago to play some music and, in their own words, ‘have some fun.’ Giorgia’s former Thundermother bandmate Tilda Stenqvist was brought in on drums as the trio began putting together a number of new songs. A knock at the door brought a surprise as, guitar in hand, Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid (Soilwork, The Nightflight Orchestra) had heard what the band were up to and wanted in. Soon the quartet were recording demos, and one of these demos fell into the hands of Swedish label Despotz Records and a deal was soon done.

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The first fruits of this collaboration is the band’s debut single – the infectious “Cross the Line”, taken from their upcoming album scheduled for early 2021.

Header photo by Linn Cavalli

Donna Cannone: facebook | instagram

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