Single Review (and video): Seething Akira – “Gravity”

Seething Akira release their new single and video “Gravity”, out now on Armalyte Industries. My first encounter with Seething Akira was at Bloodstock 2017 where they, frankly, blew me the fuck away with their hugely entertaining and energetic set. They followed that in 2018 with their Sleepy Skeletor album which made my “best of the year” list. Funnily enough I was just thinking the other day when we’d hear something new from them…

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“Gravity” is one of their more upbeat numbers, a ray of sunshine in the current times and one loaded with positive feels. The video is also a barrel of laughs, so go stare at YouTube (embedded below) and give your eyes and ears a treat. I am not a fan at all of dance music. I never liked The Prodigy who attempted (and failed IMHO) to fuse metal and dance beats. By all rights I shouldn’t like Seething Akira… but I absolutely love their stuff.

While not a huge step from the material on Sleepy Skeletor, “Gravity” is chock full of their signature sounds with the added bonus that it’s hugely uplifting. Absolutely what we need right now!

They’re already down to play Download 2021, and hopefully we’ll see them out and about elsewhere soon enough.

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Seething Akira: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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