Bloodywood release documentary video

Bloodywood… that “niche” band who’d never get more than 20 people at a gig. Who would have audiences in Europe standing there watching them play, before politely clapping at the end of each song. You know, just some guys from India with ideas above their station.

Well the last couple of years put paid to that crap. Dates across the UK and Europe, 15 out of 20 sold out shows (like the London one) and a festival run including a highlight performance at Wacken showed that Bloodywood are capable of exceeding everyone’s expectations. A lot of this is down to their stupidly catchy music and bonkers live show. It’s impossible not to want to go mad when they’re on stage.

So if you want to know more about them, and see some footage of that lunacy, then check out their new documentary. Ninety minutes including a fair chunk of footage from the Raj Against The Machine tour, escaping from hurricanes and basically having fun on the road (most of the time)…

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The soundtrack for the documentary consists of only Indian independent music, including everything from metal to acoustic. The different kinds of footage will tell fans a lot about the documentary itself, with the GoPro footage showing the story from the band’s side, the audience footage capturing the energy of the moment, and the professional footage at the end showing the evolution of the band over the course of the tour in all its cinematic glory.

Header image by Fernando Bonenfant

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